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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

There wouldn’t be. She’s from my “novel”, the very same as Nasia and Xarina.
She basically is an Ordan orc and elf half-breed Sorceress, said to be the most powerful necromancer in Myrtana. She’s the main villain of the story with really filthy account 1st pic. She is then slain by the main heroes and later reborn as a Lich 2nd pic; here Lich is a lot different being than in most lores. Then she drains power from a demon and becomes first in history hybrid of a Lich and an Eredar 3rd pic. ‘Bout then she kills and raises Nasia and Xari. Eventually, death of the only person she cared for, her half-brother her mother was a whore, leads to her redemption and turnin’ on everythin’ she believed in before.


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