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Glad you enjoyed it :)

The second game is kind of a hit and miss with people though. I like to compare the No More Heroes series with the Evil Dead films. Evil Dead 2 was more of a reboot than a sequel and had little continuity with the first film. No More Heroes 2 is even worse. Much is promised at the end of the first game (even that there won’t be a sequel at all, huhh?), but none of it is followed up on. Instead it follows a separate story line from the short film No More Heroes 1.5. Travis picks up his sword once more to avenge a friend, but ends up getting caught up in more than he can handle. All in all it’s a very good game, but you’ll be begging for a some creativity more and more as the game continues. It has some great moments of its own though, I for one loved playing as Henry for a change (Who is a complete bad ass). P.S, I only have a short cameo in it, and then you never see me again :P
(So yeah…. Boooooo….)


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