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(Part 3)

But I’m nowhere near close enough to having read the entire Bible and understanding a bulk of it to say “This is Scripture, this is how I interpret it, and I believe this denomination/congregation is most aligned with Scripture/is most correct.” I don’t even feel confident enough to say “This is Scripture” on a lot of matters. There’s a currently growing but still small basis upon which I can “interpret” or compare those interpretations to other denominations.
I don’t disagree that I should find a congregation, but I can’t “connect” to a congregation that I’m going to leave in a few months or sooner, and I’d feel that unless I commit most or even all of my time to studying the Bible, I wouldn’t be able to make a decision as to which one “gets it” best.
So as long as I identify the church as Christian, I’m not opposed to attending a church or affiliating with a denomination on the more superficial basis of comfort and preference of the order or services, because I think the most fundamental tenets of Christianity would still be in place regardless of the denomination.

Having said that, I don’t mean to say that I am satisfied with such a stance. As I read more and understand more about any congregation, church, and denomination, I will move as I believe I should. I have no issue with being “Methodist” now and being “Lutheran” later on as long as its based on what I’ve come to believe what God has as being right.


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