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(Part 2)

More simply, I believe certain matters would have been avoided or immediately compiled as being sinful/acceptable, because they were socially unacceptable to even discuss let alone give a consistent stance for.
It would be easy for me to find a more liberal denomination (as I am personally more liberal socially) but that isn’t my aim:

-I’m not looking to confirm what I personally think or feel is right, because that could easily be influenced by living in a more accepting time socially, being in academia for so long, having gay friends, being best friends with a Lutheran, or my highly formative women’s studies class being taught by a lesbian, Christian professor…similar kinds of influences that may have influenced those who compiled the various versions of the Bible.
-What I come to believe as being right (despite how I feel personally) may be entirely different. I’ll have to adjust my thinking to be aligned with whatever I believe the Bible says and what I legitimately believe is the will of God.


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