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My “concern” about finding a church that believes as I do goes back to the Bible. For example, on the issue of homosexuality, I personally am not opposed to it and don’t think it’s harmful to anyone. From what I’ve read at least in the Gospels (and discussing them with my mother who is someone I trust to not let social desirability get in the way of what she believes,) I can’t remember reading anything where Jesus spoke against homosexual behavior either (nor does it seem like Jesus was anti-homosexuality). Should I pull my stance of homosexuality from the Old Testament or from those said to have been inspired by God, then I should believe differently.

It requires faith to believe that the chosen books of the Bible were the ones that we should go by for our practice, but sociologically if not practically, I don’t know how controversial a council would want to be and on what issues. If an issue like gay sex is so controversial today even outside of Scripture (e.g., unnatural, disruptive to the institution of marriage), then how much would those personal beliefs have played into a council pulling such texts into what was to become the most consistent source of faith-based direction for Christians in a less modern time?


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