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Trick Lobo
Trick Lobo

Ah challenge, eh? Well then…

“To say that the commander took advantage of her power was an understatement. Any rule she could bend to her advantage and any loophole she could find to get what she wanted was utilized. However, her favorite thing was when she didn’t get what she wanted. Whenever that happened, she’d be able to use her seductive charm to coax out her prize.

To say that she was an exhibitionist was an understatement. She loved to show off her body (and even bent a few rules to do so). In fact, it was a daily ritual of hers to bathe in the mess hall. She loved to make the most sexually starved men guard her as she bathed. She loved teasing them. She knew that they wanted to look. However, they knew that if they looked, they’d be punished. So she teased them. She’d always throw her clothing onto them or near them as she disrobed.

While relaxing, she’d go over war journals and commander’s logs. Most of the content of the journals and logs actually had nothing to do with battles and military happenings. It was scribbled to the edge of the page with new ways to tease her men.

Dec 14th would be a most fun night indeed."


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