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Pshhh you’re doing better than me at least. I made excellent grades in high-school but was never sure what I wanted to do. If I’m going to shell out money for school I want to make sure my goals are set.
As for those reviews, so far he only posts them on Deviant Art (Indefinitely). He’s working on getting sound/video equipment that’s decent. But he does write the scripts etc. with his free time and then he passes them to me for constructive criticism and proofreading. Oh and for the record he isn’t my brother, and by he I mean ILuVKDyEr. I’ve gotten in the habit of that since our KYM days. We dated on and off for about 8 months though, and my sister went to high-school with his brother (KYM’s “Travis Touchdown”). So the whole brother/sister love triangle thing kind of fit in with the act we were pulling on the site since we were all good friends. I’ll keep you posted should he start making the vids…. If you’re interested lol.


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