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Maiden Heaven
Maiden Heaven

Well… can’t really say I truly understand what you are going through, but I’ve dealt with similar feelings of loneliness. With where I am and what I do I don’t really see family for months at a time. I don’t know what else to say but…
Well, you can try joining a group. Book club, whatever, just try and form new relationships. Used to volunteer for my local church’s daycare and had meetings with an anime club (lolnerdXD, I get it). It really helped form friendships I keep to this day and volunteer work makes ya feel accomplished.
Try to set up a schedule with your friends so you can have time to talk often, if not daily; I know my darkest days were made lighter with phone calls from family and friends.
Take a walk. No, seriously. Get some fresh air, get out once in a while. A walk will help you clear your mind, trust me.
If anything else, talk it out. Talk to someone about your problems, it really helps take away the feeling of being alone. Just remember, if you need to talk to someone, I’ll be here. Cuidate, cielo.


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