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When I was off in Missouri for grad school, I pretty much had no friends there. I went to sleep or woke up only because I had school to attend. That’s actually how I became active on KYM: I was really bored. I didn’t spend that much time on the Internet prior to me moving. I didn’t have any friends (although I gained one before I left,) so I just stayed online, slept, ate (occasionally,) and played video games (also how I came to give OoT a shot.)
It sucks, but I’ve been hearing from everyone that something will turn up, and then things will get better as I can become more independent. Whether or not that’s actually true or not, I have to believe that (otherwise, the future would be pretty freaking bleak….)

But I do believe that. It just sucks to be in that “in-between” time. (cont.)


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