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General Yi
General Yi

Well the two below me did a pretty good job, so i’m not sure what I can offer with my 16 years of life experience that they already haven’t. But i’ll do my best regardless, and to do my best i’m curious as to how you operate on a normal basis. If you could answer these questions, i’ll see what advice I can give you:
Note: These questions are entirely optional to answer, you don’t have to answer a single one if you don’t want to.
1. Are you eating healthy? You know, three square meals a day? Assorted fruits and veggies?
2. Have you always had irregular sleep patterns? Like insomnia or any other medical condition?
3. What do you think is the cause of your creative mind coming to a standstill?
4. What inspires you to be creative?
5. Any affiliations with Religion of any sort?
6. Do your actions on KYM help quell any feelings of loneliness?
7. What sort of occupation do you want to have?
8. Is this downright creepy?
9. Should I stop?
10. Would you like a hug?
This genuinely concerned message has been brought to you by General Yi, KYM Medic and resident Dragon Ball Z aficionado.


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