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General Yi
General Yi

5. Completely understandable. Just because a car isn’t in a garage doesn’t mean it’s still not a car. However, would you be interested in partaking in somewhat of a…“Bible Study”, right here on KYM? My idea was to send you a Bible verse to read once a week every Sunday, and you tell me what you think or want to know regarding it. You up for it? It’s fine if you refuse, it’s completely optional.
6. I know that feel bro sis. I’m the same way, but KYM has become rather…quiet in the pony section due to the hiatus. I do my best to keep things lively, but there’s only so much material to work with without being annoying you know? Perhaps keeping in touch with each other could help out? Your call on that, i’m just spitball’n here. But for IRL interaction, your problems regarding your friends being out of touch are hard, but understandable. I suggest maintaining the Skype calls you have with your friends, and perhaps starting one with your best friend if you haven’t already. And the feeling of social interaction can be solved without actually having to have any friends to go out with!


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