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General Yi
General Yi

1 & 2. These could help some. I take two fruit tablets and two vegetable tablets every day. But they’re supplements, not solutions, so you’ll need to eat the real stuff too.
You know what a circadian cycle is right? It controls both when you feel like sleeping…

and what times you get hungry…

Being able to balance it helps every aspect of the body, and to do so requires three strong meals a day at normal times (I usually eat a big breakfast, have a teeny-tiny lunch, and a decent dinner because breakfast food is best food). I have a friend who has mild insomnia, and he handles it by getting the right balance of foods in him, and like good ol’ Slinky mentioned, taking walks is always best. How many walks and how long should they be?

Nothing like the above-mentioned picture. I’d say half an hour walks once a day would be plenty.


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