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Heh. Well, sometimes, I just need a small push to put things together, and at your curiosity, I’ve posted it in the Pony thread,

The length of Pony Generals can be very brief or not. One thread was done in about a month (yes, 10,000+ posts in 30 days,) but that was due to a different culture and a different set of posters. Posts were often quick comics or images and even conversations that mimicked a chat more than a forum thread. Other threads include longer posts that involve well-throught out criticisms of an episode, fandom event, or even debates of other users. It takes me about 10 minutes to type up a quick response on a wall post, and it can take up to an hour for a longer forum post. With that change in culture, users don’t post as often, because it takes so long to post (and because may users have already had their thoughts echoed before they get a chance to speak it.)

And it’s a good feeling to be around when a thread ends and begins. We certain have our own community contained within that one thread, so in a way, it’s the only time we celebrate our time together and the thoughts we’ve shared. I expect there to be a lot of random, fun spam in the last page of Pony General VI and the first few pages of VII.


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