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I understand that. I had to make a point to occasionally check my wall when people began to want to interact with me, but before then, I forgot I had a profile, because I rarely has a need to check it (and there’s no notification like you get for private messages.)
As for the thread title, it may be “Twilight Sparkle and the Deathly Hasbro.” A few more votes came in, and just one vote could have made the landslide of “Twilight Sparkle and the Deathly Hasbro” in the “runoff” the first time I counted it be a landslide for another option. The only reason why “Twilight Sparkle etc.” won at the first count was because a couple of other options didn’t make it to the runoff of the next round, because it was just one 1st place vote short. If those options had one more vote, then either of the two that had lost would have beaten “Twilight Sparkle and the Deathly Hasbro” soundly.

And post as you see fit. Muumi and Ivan both lurk the thread as well and only post when they really feel a need to. I’d be glad to see you jump into some conversations (as long as we can keep it on-topic,) but I’m just glad to know you’re still about, posting or not.


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