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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

’Kay, my turn.

Twilight – High Elf Arcane Mage, high utility and stuff. Twilicorn would be a Guardian of Tirisfal.
Applejack – Draenei Paladin. Draenei are said to be physically the strongest Alliance race, and she doesn’t look like a Tauren for me not a naturalist and stuff.
Fluttershy – Night Elf either Feral Druid or Beastmaster Ranger or Hunter.
Rarity – High Elf Priestess.
Rainbow Dash – Blood Elf Combat Rouge.
Celestia – High Elf Holy Priestess or a Blue Dragon Aspect or both, with Helf as her humanoid form.
Luna – Night Elf Priestess of Elune or a Green Dragon Aspect. Note how similar she is to Ysera and Elune.
Apple Bloom – Gnome Tinker, ‘cause she is pretty crafty.
Big Mac – Orc Warrior.
Lyra – Draenei who’s gay for everythin’ Azerothian and has hooves.
Bon Bon – Should be somethin’ not-so-alien to Lyra, so either Orc or Draenei.
Zecora – Forest Troll Witch Doctor.
Cadance – High Elf Priestess or a Red Dragon Aspect.
Shining Armor – Human Paladin.
Discord – Old God, duh, very much of an Old God.
Sombra – Man’ari Eredar of high rank.
Chrysalis and the changlings – Since changlings are vampires, Darkfallen or Nathrezim.

Can’t think ’o more for now…

If I’m talkin’ not understandable shit, remember, you have this and this.


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