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Anime is Trash
Anime is Trash

Yup. Even “krupam” was said to be already taken on YouTube this was wrong, though, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, even deviantART or Steam. More interestin’ thing is that they were all taken by Polish users, even though “Krupa” isn’t a Polish nor a very common Polish surname. Across those I just use “krupam0”, and where I can, I change it to Krupam the Myrtanian or Krupam Myrtańczyk which means exactly the same in Polish to make it more unique.
Still, googlin’ “krupam” returns much of my stuff, so I’m probably one of more known Krupams on the Web, probably ’cause only I use it as an official nickname, not just account name.
Or just KYM is a site favored by Google…


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