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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

>be 85 lvl Ele Shaman who sucks a horse dick at 1v1 PvP
>have just ran to corpse after death in Hyjal
>still at 50 percent hp and mp get attacked by several 80 lvl trash
>84 lvl Feral Druid takes the opportunity and attacks me
>clearly a twink with stacked resil, takes 10k instead of normal 18k from LvB crits
>down him to half health, if downs me to 5 percent hp and no mana, I tap Ghost Wolf and run the fuck away from him
>faget chases me
>we get on a hill
>guy tries to fast kill me
>I pos quickly and hit Thunderstorm
>Ally gets knocked back and falls to his death

This is the exact situation when you love your class and Blizzard for makin’ it such.


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