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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

Yea… I totally suck at 1v1 PvP. Yesterday I got my ass kicked twice by the same 81 lvl…
Well, she or he, t’was likely a G.I.R.L. was a Human and 80% of Allies on PvP servs are Humans for a reason in both cases I was distracted, ambushed, weakened and attacked by trash, and Shamans are very easily raped by Warlocks, but still… it’s really embarrassin’ to get fucked by so lower lvl guy.
Team PvP though… Well, I’ve already got 1000 kills achievement without even havin’ PvP gear. Both as Elemental and Restoration especially Resto I get pretty impressive scores on battlegrounds sometimes highest death count…, not to say that Bloodlust really changes the course of the battle.

And the picture’s sweet ;D
When he finally stood up, though…
Soon I might do some MLP/Warcraft villain comparison pic for the gallery. Maybe…


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