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long made short vote sore losers new method of vote new vote sore losers getting others who don’t care about vote to vote removal of others from vote recount final tally new thread in T-minus 2 pages.

People didn’t like the title that won the simple vote for various reasons. Even though it won the vote, others called for that title to be thrown out or for a new method of voting to determine what would win.

When I ran a voting method called the Alternative Vote/Instant Runoff, the same title won again. I stated that on the thread but left the vote up so people could vote if they hadn’t already. However, a user used his popularity elsewhere on the site to recruit users to vote a certain way to 1. Prevent that title from winning and 2. to promote his/her choice.

I noticed this when counting the votes, observing the timestamps on the votes, and noticing who voted. None of those who voted after a certain point rarely if ever posted in Pony General. Furthermore, they all voted in very similar ways.

RM and I decided to come up with a new method. But for the sake of time, we’re keeping that discussion between us. The title has already been determined, but we’re making it a surprise.
Problema? Preguntas?


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