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Well, if you were in Athens when I go and wouldn’t skip out on me, I might get to trust you~

I’m not a doctor; the health work I do is more along the lines of making sure health programs are put into place properly and are doing what they’re supposed to do. Most MD’s do stuff that make you better when you’re sick. Public health-minded individuals prevent people from getting sick in the first place.

If she’s asking about hot doctors, then both mine and the one at the hospital are female. Caro is straight from what I understand, so I’m not sure if she’d find the physician putting goo on my gut and rubbing it around for half of an hour to be arousing (but who can say?)

If you’re asking about the visit, then I’m not sick with something more major. The ultrasound was to just rule out anything beyond the infection. I’ll have another appointment to see what I can do next.

Geez, I’ve fractured an ankle once, but that’s about it. Snapping your shin cleanly like that…ugh…


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