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Well, I wasn’t given the name of my target, but I had told him to meet with me on top of a building so we could face each other fairly. He was a handsome young fellow, possibly 30ish. He had a fire in his eye like no other. It was clear he was out for some sort of justice. I had no clue though, I was simply hired to stop him. Well I had written him a song after reading his file. I sang it to him before we fought. He was tough, I had finally met my match, we fought for a long time, even developed some liking for each other, exchanging a few smiles here and there. But then it hit me, I screwed up bad, I left myself wide open. There was a blade lodged into my torso, a little below my heart. I couldn’t believe it, I was actually beaten, I was about to die. The only thing I could think to do is ask if he liked the song I had sang for him. “Catchy as hell” he said. At that he took the blade by both hands and thrusted horizontally through my chest. I remained standing, I asked if he remembered the words. I was having trouble breathing at this point, blood was running down my leg and dripping all over my feet, forming a puddle. “Every Word..” he said. At that I smiled and fell to the ground, catching myself so I at least wouldn’t injure my face, and died.


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