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I knew that some characters were reminiscent of its visual counterparts, but oh my gosh, had no clue about the sun, and the tree w/ root. I knew the meaning of Japan, but not the meaning behind the characters. That’s so amazing!

I bookmarked both of the books, so whenever I get enough money set aside for them (and all the games that I want aiyahhhh~), I’ll definitely be buying them. :) I need as much material as I can get! I’ll look into Rikaichan as well.

Ah, Osaka. I know all about it from Japanese shows and general education about culture. They call them the “hicks” of Japan, I suppose. And yep, I’m a Suzumiya fan, so I know exactly where it is in relation to Osaka. :P

And yes, if no colleges existed, Carnegie Mellon would probably be the best.
… But really, I don’t even think you’re a Division II school. Might be Division III, but I’d have to check. :P


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