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You certainly learn something new every day. I’m gonna use that as an ice breaker for conversations now. Totally hilarious and totally awesome.

ANIMAL CROSSANGGGGGG!!! I must add you so we can play forever and ever once it comes out.
I’m a big proponent of getting the physical copies of the games because I just like to actually HAVE them. :P I haven’t really gotten on the digital downloads bandwagon for games or movies/tv shows, mainly just music.

WHOA, I would figure that the creator of Suzumiya would have at least made up fictitious places … the same APARTMENT? That’s really awesome but really kind of unnerving. I’d be worried for my safety from otakus …

And at least you have a football team! I’ll have to do some research and find out what yall’s record is, regular attendance, etc. I’m sure compared to our huge stadium it’s something like a high school football field, haha.


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