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I’m mostly an RPG or FPS type of person. Those are the two genres I grew up with. Though I have a nasty habit of starting new characters and never finishing leveling them. I’ve never reached max level in WoW, even though I’ve played it for 2 years. I’m always trying to find that “perfect character”.

I like the games that are story-driven, though it is an optional thing. More important is if the game is actually fun to play. I find FPS mechanics more entertaining yet RPGs provide customization I like so much.

The least favorite genre is RTSs for several reasons. Even though I like the concept of raising armies and technological advancement, my mind is just not programed for these games. So yeah, the reason I dislike RPSs is because I suck at them…

Currently I’m waiting for Metro Last Light. I liked the first one even though it was graphically tasking as hell. The sequel looks promising though and can’t wait getting it.

What is your favorite setting? Mine is Late 19th – Early 20th century-esque, preferably with some supernatural element to it (kinda like Full Metal Alchemist). What’s yours?


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