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The game played perfectly until I hit a chapter fairly deep into the game (I haven’t beaten it yet, so I can’t say how close I was.) I know when the freezes occur, so I’m pretty sure Nintendo would be able to help me out if the larger SD card didn’t do the trick.

I think the Myers-Briggs will be your best bet if you’re really looking to be pegged (forgive the double entendre.) Even though my focus was in social psychology and not biopsych or neuropsych, I can’t think of many inventories that are worth their salt off of the top of my head.

I personally liked Bem’s Sex Role inventory, although I can’t say if the practical implications are all that solid. But I like taking any survey (from “What color are you?” to “What is your emotional IQ?,” because it lets me think about myself in a different way. Sorta helps me to grow from understanding myself better, I think?


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