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…I’ll say that I have more than a few thousands dollars in loans. It’s not a very good feeling to know that this amount of money is accruing interest while in deferment looking for work, so that’s certainly a concern to have. But if you know there’s the ideal job you can get somewhere with a Master’s, then a person who’s smart with their money and their payments can make the debt work.

Heh, I don’t think I ever taunted the female friends who found me attractive. I’m a bit oblivious to those things, so maybe I did accidentally sometimes. But with this one guy who got upset, I can applaud him for “standing up” to you. Even though I’d be upset about it, as an adult, those guys need to either let you know that you can’t taunt them like that or they should just deal with it.

Otherwise, you get into territory where you’re trying to make decisions for other people, and you can’t enjoy your own life as much. So I guess I can’t blame you too much there. :P


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