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Uhh…boobs, pretty, a bit geeky, a bit quirky, and a multifaceted person. Probably in that order. I’m sorry for ratting you out, fellas, but I’m guessing as soon as you take out the first two…

And (not to discourage interaction from others) I know that feel. I owe a few people some PM’s, a few others some wall posts, and I think I’ve forgotten about half of the messages and posts (which makes me feel like a butt.) There are a lot of people who want to talk to me, and I sometimes want to get in some chapters on Awakening or restart Skyward Sword or just chat in 6 word sentences before engaging in longer, more in-depth correspondences.

But either way, don’t feel bad about being “slow” in getting back with me. I’m just happy to talk with you (and all of the users here.)


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