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Krupam the Myrtanian
Krupam the Myrtanian

Yea… Especially pony gay ships make no sense to me, ‘cause in Equestria females make about 70% of the society. I wanted to count that precisely, but those dipshits on MLP Wikia use pictures facepalm.png as gender names on their list of all poni, and you can’t count pictures with find-words tools…
Aanyway, assumin’ that ponies are monogamic, that’d let only 40% of women to engage in a normal heterosexual relationship. That leaves 60% of females to either be alone… or be with other females.
Logical course of things would be, that lesbians would be a natural thing there, while gays would be really persecuted, if not inexistent. M&M couplin’ not only would be a waste, but it’d be a heavy danger to population growth. As sexist as it sounds, I assume in Equestria lesbians would be fine, but gays would probably even be illegal. Note we don’t have any signs of democracy out there.

By the way, the only PC games you’ve played are MMOs?
LoL, t’s actually my least favourite genre…

That last Verbose below me is an imposer. I’m sure. 1000% sure.


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