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LovePlus? Hmm, it sounds familiar but can’t say I’ve heard of anyone playing it and I haven’t played it myself. Sounds like a dating sim? I will definitely get you my friend code next time I turn on my 3DS. After beating Luigi’s Mansion (phenom game, by the way), I’ve kind of neglected it. Not to mention I’ve just been busy sleeping too much to revisit any of the games I already have. :P Your hours have SERIOUSLY declined though, dude. You need to get back up on that.

Haha, it’s funny you mention that … we have an ancient building on our campus (when I say ancient, I think it was RESTORED in the 20s-30s), and there are two staircases on each wing that spiral around to every floor but have classrooms built IN-BETWEEN floors like they used old crawlspace … it’s REALLY janked up. Not to mention in the 80s, my family said the doors to the bathroom stalls were taken off because everyone went in there to have sex.

I’d definitely say Haruhi is my favorite out of the three, haha. But I can see how that would be a controversial topic just like best pone is.


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