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I play FPS games as well, but mostly RPGs. And really, you never max’d? I had the trial of the first three expansions for a month and managed to make the max level (it was 80 back then) before the trial ended. I was kind of upset with the lack of a challenge and the insane amount of people. Not to mention I was in no way going to pay for it every month.

I suppose I like the customizations of RPGs more than the tactics of FPS, but there are just as much tactics to be had in RPGs. I used to play a lot of RTS, but I haven’t since my days of high school, almost 6 or 7 years ago. It’s something I’ve grown out of … a lot of my friends ended up getting Starcraft 2 and I never did, so that was probably the final nail in the coffin of my RTS days. :P

As for favorite setting, I honestly don’t care. I love the fantasy world of Ragnarok which basically has any setting you can imagine, but it’s definitely pre-18th century, I would say. I love FMA, so I would agree, I would love games in that setting. That’s right around the Steampunkish age too, so I’d kill for something like that. Have you played Bioshock Infinite? Takes place around the same time and oh god, I fell in love with the beauty of that world. Modern-day and dystopian games are just as thrilling to me. (I’m actually a huge fan of dystopian fiction and cyberpunk stuff.)


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