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Yes I did indeed play Bioshock Infinite and I loved it to death. The story was amazing and the atmosphere was top notch. I found gunplay to be entertaining and the arsenal was varied enough, even though I used Bucking Bronco and the Shotgun most of the time. It’s my current GOTY 2013.

The reason why I never max out any characters is because I have a hard time, how should I say, “connecting” to them. I could spend days in the starting zone just trying to create that one “perfect” character. Oh and don’t get me started on leveling process itself… Just so you get the idea, all the characters I have ever created and then scraped for some reason could populate a small town.

By the way, what is your favorite game of all time?

Mine’s Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. It’s a hub-based RPG where you play as… [pause for dramatic effect]… a werewolf. Just kidding, you play as a fledgeling vampire whose Sire just got killed. The game was released very buggy and basically unplayable, but the modding community did wonders with it. The game has an interesting story and you can play it in a variety different ways, well, most of the time… You still have to be at least somewhat competent in combat when you reach the endgame. But for all it’s flaws, I’d say that it’s my favorite game of all time.


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