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Anime is Trash
Anime is Trash

Verbose, our fuckin’ Verbose, made a post that has only five words, one fuckin’ sentence!
It’s not normal for him!

The main reason why the show has mainly females, I think, is because Faust is a feminist. Not a crazy one as others I could name, but a feminist indeed.

Yup, t’was LunaDash, t’s a thing apparently. Though I can’t understand why people still draw old-design Luna. In 20-fuckin’-13, what the fuck?

I played few MMOs, mainly "RPG"s, all had the same issues; idiot players, freemium, no story, shitty universe, shitty character classes, no aim in game other than “levels”, simply nothin’ what makes an RPG worth it’s name. I even don’t consider MMORPG as a RPG subgenre, but as a separate genre.
WoW, however…
-Has impressive story in the form of novels and RTSs
-Players are canonical parts of the story, some are even parts of the Lore (Leeroy, Alamo)
-Universe actually exists
-Almost completely noob-proof
-Technically not freemium
-Large variety of what your character can be
-Level cap is only a step
-Game has actually aims, like end-game 25-man hc raids and stuff



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