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I will let you (and I guess everyone in) on a related desire or mine. Before I left for UGA, I wanted to sit and chill on campus listening to this song underneath the night sky just talking until morning with some neat woman who also liked video game music. (Surely, among 30,000+ people most of which were women, someone would like that song as much as I do.) That never happened, but the canoeing date under a full moon was close enough. No regrets : )

And that’s not a bad guess on the digital download. The connection at my parents house is incredibly unreliable (it took about half of a day to download, and I had to restart it once.) Perhaps I should find a place with a better connection, and try it again but the ISP’s here are all very slow. Hopefully, I can move to a place in Charter’s range (despite what people say, I’ve had nothing but good service from Charter in St. Louis and Athens.)


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