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Besides, I’m often a token in most of the circles I run in, and I’m far too geeky to fit into more urban groups, so there’s no reason for me to play off my interests. Be happy with certain levels of crazy (as long as you can check it from time to time.)

And don’t listen to the cookie of lies. It’s right there on the tin: lies :D

“I know what I want and what I NEED in a relationship”
It’s odd; I was just talking with a woman (you know who) about that same thing. She asked me if I knew what I wanted from a relationship, and when I gave it some thought, I don’t really think I do. Like, I’ve been in relationships, but they’ve never been ones where there was something so amazing or so terrible about them. I guess in that sense, it hasn’t been “in the stars” for me either. I’d prefer dating all sorts of women before settling into something serious, but if Ms. Right comes along, what can you do but just go with it?


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