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I tend to prefer scales over categorizations (which this is,) so I can’t say if it equates into you being submissive or dominant in relationships, being better at being a prosecutor than a defender, being a person who prefers to give emotional support or financial support, or anything like that.

But I’d say that (going from what you’ve said and what you scored) there’s a distinct need for security and protection (traditionally feminine) despite being an independent (traditionally masculine) woman.

For me, I figure that I’m much more, er, feminine than I thought I was (even with the very slight difference between masculine and feminine scores.) But I’m honestly not that aggressive of a person. I don’t care to be dominant or submissive. I take charge only when I have to. And in regards to androgyny, women can socially afford to be “in the middle” more than men.

tl;dr: Seems like you’re pretty average in regards to sex roles for your sex. It didn’t surprise me.
I could probably make more sense out of the individual traits than the score itself. Perhaps you scored more feminine due to rating yourself highly on certain attributes.


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