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As for the BSRI, when I took it in college, I had a different scoring that classified each person instead of giving them a score. I think the one I just took was the same as the one you took :D

Disclaimer: Don’t take a person with a psych bachelor’s degree too seriously on . We remember some things, but evaluating most assessments. I’m not a Ph.D. for a reason. Haha.

From what I know of Bem, those who scored high in androgynous traits (or had a lot of feminine and masculine traits) would be able to do well in more arenas than those with an unbalanced amount of masculine or feminine traits. I think she was of the belief that each set of traits offered benefits, and simply, having access to all of those traits allows a person to use the appropriate combination of traits whenever needed.
So comparing your scores to mine:
62.5 masculine,
65 feminine,
58.333 androgynous

I’d say that you’re closer to “undifferentiated” than I am according to this test, but since you’re not scoring very low on any scale, I’d say “moderately androgynous” probably suits us both fairly well.


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