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In practice though, the two (what I believe is of God and what I’ve read from the Bible) don’t conflict much at all, and certainly not enough to make me doubt my faith to a point of becoming atheist again. (Perhaps, they’re points that we shouldn’t argue about as a Church.) But since my faith and what I believe is the most important thing I have (and since I overthink even smaller matters,) it’s a pretty big point when I’m conflicted as to what I should believe. Perhaps I make too much of an issue of it, but I wanted to be honest.

And I think we were both a bit ranty and getting away from what the point was (which I’ve long forgotten; I think it was in regards to the skepticism about social climate and the ulterior (although not driven by sin) motives of the council that I have little historical knowledge of.) And you did answer that.

And as for being “useful,” any time I can share my doubts with a person who believes in the same God, Christ, and Spirit as I do is useful.

Did I miss anything in that?


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