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I didn’t mean to say that I’m not sold on Christianity, but one thing can lead to another, so I guess the sermon was suitable. I just try to figure out what I actually believe and if it matches with what I believe is Christ-like.
That leads me to doubt some things in the Bible. But you made a good point: would God allow the book we use to guide our faith to include things that would be against His will?

But even still, did Jesus ask for there to be a book we use to guide our faith? According to the Bible, there will be those who will claim to be of God when they’re not. Does that time have to be later than now? Could it have occurred even while the Bible itself was being created?

As I think I’ve said, it creates a lot of room for wiggle, and I’m not very comfortable with allowing myself that sort of “wiggle.” As soon as you allow yourself to doubt one part of the Bible, it makes sense to doubt any part you don’t agree with (especially if you don’t think it’s God’s will.). Do you fall back to the “sense” of right and wrong we have as Christians (I forget where in the Bible it says this) or do you simply accept the Bible even if it clashes with that sense?

I have no issue with accepting something that I’d normally disagree with as long as I believe it’s God’s will. Again, I’m sacrificing a few things that will become (or already are) important to me, but I gladly do so. In fact, I think I like that sacrifice. I think it gives meaning to my faith somehow.


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