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I am legitimately OK with that. Due to Original Sin, we’re all going to die, and our own desires don’t trump that. God has a will, and sometimes, a sweet, God-fearing 15-year old girl dies because of a drunk driver. Without things like that, we wouldn’t be subscribing to a faith, because Christianity (in all of its forms) would logically explain off everything. Then it’s a matter of trust and not faith. Or that’s how I’ve seen it.

Since later in high school, I’ve accepted that I would have certain disadvantages in this world, because of my faith. Heck, I’ve told other female Christian friends about how I was hesitant to “round first base and go to second,” because of those beliefs. And they straight up said that they couldn’t be in a relationship that didn’t offer more sexual intimacy. This being from Christian women to a short, black guy who’s already got odd interests. It leaves the “sea” of “fish” pretty small for me.

But I have accepted that among other things, like being considered hypocritical (or simply less intelligent) for being a social scientist and believing in something I can support scientifically. I hate it with a passion, but I accept that.


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