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Have you heard of the Japanese guy that married a character in a DS game? That was LovePlus (he actually married the girl that was my girlfriend in the game so playing it was kind of awkward [more so than usual]). I’ve played half of a dating sim in my life and that one was it. For a DS game it was pretty advanced though, in terms of graphics and sound. All I’ve used my 3DS for in college so far has been netflix, so I need to rob a gamestop mow some lemonade to get cashmoney for new games.
Gosh, that building sounds wack. Restored in the 20s and 30s? That makes it almost 2000 100 years old! For me, the weirdest building on my campus is the Gates computer science center. It’s the best in the world, but the architecture is terrifying. The whole thing is held up by a few tiny pillars, and the main ‘staircase’ is a giant dna helix thing that has a single floating classroom in the center. There’s a nice cafe too. I think we’re just fine keeping our stall doors on though, the motto here is “Sex kills. Come to CMU and live forever”.
They are rather distinct personalities. Just as a fav pone tells all about a person, so can a favorite SOS brigadier. I think we get more argumentative about it though, haha.


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