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Revolver ChocOcelot
Revolver ChocOcelot


Well, there isn’t really anything hugely anime or meme related in my avatar and username. The short story is I used the ‘Rail Tracer’ thing as a joke and, since back then I had no real ‘rep’ (>implying I have one now) it stayed, even with my old username of El Slinker.

As for why I chose Claire Stanfield… this explains it nicely:

His character is an interesting one. He’s a normal human in a series full of immortals and demonic godlike beings, yet he becomes the strongest through just training and willpower.

There’s another reason as well. He has a belief in metaphysical solipsism. Something which I had since a child. It was this sort of fear of being the only real being in a dream world and that I really couldn’t die, and it didn’t help that I’ve come out alive through many near death experiences (a tree almost falling on top of me during a thunderstorm, a pike that was rammed through my abdomen and narrowly missed puncturing my stomach, a few stabbings here and there, and a car crash among things) and having suffered from black outs and dissociative amnesia from head trauma caused by aforementioned car crash.


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