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Revolver ChocOcelot
Revolver ChocOcelot

A pretty interesting case of psychology (totes not bringing it up because psychology interests me) there. People do tend to associate others by first impressions and, as one gets to know another, their usual demeanor.

Like… say a guy who is always quiet and speaks very little makes a deal with a guy who is outgoing and talkative to act like each other for a day or some and such. People would note that the quiet person is now more talkative, going so far as saying even more as the outgoing person, even if he only talks about the same as the outgoing person, and vice versa. It can also apply to appearance. Someone with the face of a thug and is kind will be a bit of a shock to some people.

This can apply to internet related things as well. Just as you said, someone with the name of Verbose will eventually gain the rep of being a tl:dr poster regardless if said behavior wanes. And when something sticks, it sticks. Which leads to…


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