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Just think of the prestige!

Ha, yeah he probably has the least faithful wife in all of recorded history. Literally cheating on him with thousands of other guys around the world every day. I think he was sorta just doing the wedding thing for fun though, who knows. There aren’t guys in regular loveplus, but there is a spinoff that’s for girls. It has really, really, really prettyboy type guys, but guys nonetheless (probably). Or you could just play normal loveplus as a girl and pretend you’re just really good friends with the in-game girls.

Which college did you go to? Mine is only a little over 100 years old, our oldest relic is a fence that we’ve always repainted every few days for decades (it’s literally 3 feet thick with paint). Our local bronies painted it poni themed for the season 3 premier. There is always cool stuff deep within the science centers, but being accosted by robots can get unnerving after a while.


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