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Heh, that opportunity does present itself more than a few times. But the responses are pretty obvious, so goofing accidentally is hard to do. Although there are other ways to get the girls to probably not like you, like greeting them in the school hallway by doing a flaming death strike (an actual option). In LP, there’s a 100 in game day limit by which you need to be in a relationship with one of the girls (you meet them all on the first few days). When that passes the dating part starts which is more based on the real life clock. So it is actually possible to lose the game if you can’t get a girlfriend in 100 days. I can’t say that would be good for one’s self esteem.
Well. there’s an old man simulator that sounds right up your alley. I looked on amazon, and unless you’re a sucker for men who are women, you may have to look even deeper. There is a series called Tokimeki Memorial that has versions for girls, I’ve never played it either way though. You could also get visual novel type deals on the DS, that’s also good practice (and not very expensive either). The only one I have like that is for Higurashi but I’m sure there’s others.


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