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General Yi
General Yi

Yeah, Verbose mentioned you earlier, so I knew I was bound to talk to you eventually. I got to a Southern Baptist church, but I really just consider myself a Christian, the denominations overcomplicate things for me. Not that i’m saying denominations are bad or anything, I just mean that the differences between them can absorb more focus than worshiping God.

As for my take on Theology, I think it’s an excellent topic and means of finding out more about God’s creation and love for us. The very fact that God allows us to learn just how He does things and His clever and amazing designs throughout the universe show that this field of study is a blessing for Christians.

I’ll certainly keep you accountable in prayer, I couldn’t be happier to. For starters, i’d say you ought to join the Bible Study i’ve been having with several people on KYM, I post a Bible Verse on each member’s wall every Sunday, then we all converge on my wall and discuss it.

For a good quiet-time schedule, it depends on whether you’re a morning person or an evening person. Which one are you?


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