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Maxim was correct, so we’re on the same line there.

Storytelling, although important, wasn’t always what attracted me to JRPGs, but it’s certainly a reason that I like them. Given though, JRPGs dominate Western RPGs when it comes to a good story. You don’t really buy a Western RPG for the story.

Unfortunately for myself the only Final Fantasy titles I played were XIII and XIII-2. As I said earlier, in my younger days I was still oblivious to the FF series, and didn’t really bother with them. This changed in the recent years. Same for Earthbound. It’s too bad, but not a disaster.

Hahaha, and again the same with Star Ocean. The one Star Ocean I played was The Last Hope. It was a great game, and I read reviews on the previous. It’s really unfortunate that I only discovered these franchises in the later years, because I would’ve loved to play them back in the day should I have the knowledge.

On My GameBoy, I mainly sticked to Pokemon and some other, more simple, games. Really big adventure games or RPGs wasn’t something I wanted on the GameBoy. I don’t really find handhelds to work out with RPGs. Pokemon was an exception to this, as that was build for the handheld.


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