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As I said with FPS, it’s a lot of playing with my friends. So we commonly only buy the big titles to play together. CoD (although the most recent games all disappointed us, so we’ll probably stop buying those), Battlefield, Halo (I personally love its different playstyle to “realistic” shooters), and Gears of War. There are of course some lesser known titles, but even I at times forget the names there.

And Guilty Gear is another example of “too late, will no longer buy unfortunately”. I’ll enjoy the Blazblue titles I have. On the Super Smash games I own both Melee and Brawl, and seriously loved them both. I spend a massive amount of time in Melee. Brawl less, but I had multiple consoles when I got Brawl (with Melee, there wasn’t really a choice besides the SNES I didn’t use back then).

Verbose also tried to make me play some Fire Emblem. I’d love to, so maybe I’ll try a game of that series someday. Who knows.


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