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LezHuarez? Oh, he’s on my “blacklist” more than you are, believe it or not.

I don’t mind mistakes, disagreements, or even the unspoken animosity between users and moderators (I don’t have any current animosity towards you in reality, but I understand why you might not like us all that much.) Moderation and administration came up with NSFW guidelines in part to help users based off of disagreements. We do that (and gladly) for users when we try to see eye to eye.

After a few PMs that went without responses from you, I first felt that you simply didn’t care. You eventually came to respond, so I got an idea of what you wanted, what you disagreed with, what you did or did not understand, etc. And so, it’s a happy doghouse of sorts, and it’s why I still wanted to be friends with you despite frustrations.

But Lez (and Nair) simply didn’t respond at all. I still say Lez should have been permabanned on his last suspension, but I don’t do such things without overwhelming agreement from other moderators. So we’re still just suspending him. I still don’t think he cares, but I haven’t gotten any reports from users about his uploads, so what I think about him is irrelevant without current activity to back it.

That make sense?


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