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Play them all then temporally displace yourself back to right now to inform yourself which is best. I think they’re sort of chronological, you could always start with the first. Or just go for the cheapest and most readily available one, I’m not a Tokimeki Memorial expert like I am an expert everything else in existence, so it’s mostly what you prefer.
I think I played the MLP one at some point but stopped very early on. Whatever was wrong with that game, it rustled me too much. Which is funny because I don’t care what fan made games are actually about or what their content rating is so much as I care about the quality. That reminds me of a free to play series of Sailor Moon dating sims I tried a while back, they were all made by some Russian guy with a somewhat questionable English ability. Those were comedy gold, I wish I had made Lets Plays of myself playing them. They were hard though, a man can be friendzoned only so many times by a virtual woman. I think I had too much time on my hands back then.


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