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I don’t really know what was there to be upset of. Halfway the game one of the characters leaves and gets replaced by a different guy, but the character leaving was one of my lesser favorite characters and the guy you get in return is a real powerhouse. I can see its appeal, but I didn’t lay a single tear for his loss (plus if you get the perfect ending, you’ll discover he never died).

RPGs are games I need the tv for. Turn up the volume, darken the room a bit, sit back, and play (playing vidya, ya perv). A game as properly devoloped as a good RPG, that’s not something I prefer to play in the train with teeny weeny eyeballs.

Yup, that’s CoD. They’re fun, but there’s no real variety anymore and the newest batch of players (damn 12 year olds) are just a pain in the ass to play against (not due to skill, but due to low tactics).


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